Get To Know Me!

Honestly, I always joke around about how I NEVER wanted a career in the arts. I wholeheartedly wanted to be a Paleontologist for most of my pre-college life but the truth is, the arts were always a part of my life and in the end, Dinosaurs lost and the Arts won. I have definitely had an interesting life/career as an artist ranging from modeling as a child, commercial/tv/voice-over work in my pre-teen years to my education as a director and eventually my experiences as a professional actor. I truly believe every experience I have ever had has helped to shape and guide me to this very moment. I bring all of these experiences to Co-Op Productions and whether they have been negative ones or positive ones, I believe that the perspectives I've gained can only help me in the pursuit of the success and impact of The Co-Op community. The arts have always been in my life even through the pursuit of others within it to define me and make me feel like the "Other" or that I didn't belong. To them I say, thank you, because I'm here to help make sure our BIMPOC brothers and sisters aren't treated the same way.